Alyssa’s Lemonade Stand a Huge Success!

Lines at Alyssa's Lemonade Stand

Lines at Alyssa’s Lemonade Stand

TAMPA, Fla – In her wildest dreams, Alyssa De Le Sala never imaged this, a crowd so large at her Lutz Lemonade stand, officers had to direct traffic.

“It is amazing.”

A fire not only destroyed their home two years ago—but the family says a builder never completed the work, leaving them to pick up the pieces. Alyssa -heartbroken seeing her parents suffer.

“She took it upon herself to do something to help mommy and daddy, I don’t think she expected it to be anything like this either,” said Alyssa’s mother, Jenn De La Sala

Her lemonade stand she set up with her brother Damien, also featuring home baked goods—brought people from as far away as Hernando County. One person gave $500 and another giving $1000 for a cup of lemonade.

Not only did even strangers give–the first responders to the fire showed up in support. And deputies reached out to businesses –countless came through–

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