Why the church doesn’t need anymore coffee bars…


More and more on my social media feeds I have been seeing a lot of churches boast of the cool, trendy new initiatives that they have begun. I have seen pictures of coffee bars that resemble Starbucks. I have seen lighting that resembles one seen on Broadway. I have read catchy sermon titles and have seen how people have brought the movies into their sermons.

And as I scroll down my social media feeds, I often think the church doesn’t need anymore coffee bars. The church doesn’t need to be relevant. We don’t need to be cool. We don’t need to be trendy. We just need Jesus.

As I sit next to my husband who has an IV of chemotherapy dripping into his body, I am not thinking of how great that cappuccino was at the church’s coffee bar. I am thinking how much I need Jesus. (**Note my church doesn’t have a coffee bar)

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