Fathers Day… Is It Really Happy?

Father’s Day? Is it really Happy?

My children have a perfectly fine dad and for that I am eternally thankful. I appreciate him and all he does for the wild monkeys that are my children. He works long hours and puts up with all the crazy that is our life. I hope he has a very Happy Father’s day.

Until he came into my life I hid from Father’s day. With the exception of a card or some gift I gave to my grandfather every year. My dad disappeared when I was 6, I never had a step dad. I had my Pawpaw. He was the only father figure I ever had.

My story is not unique in any way. Many of you probably have the same story. All too often children do not have a dad. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It’s not how life should be, but it can be ok. The more I live for God, the more I understand that He is there and has always been there.

I have also learned I must forgive. I must forgive my father. Do I understand what he did? No, I don’t. Nor can I pretend it does not still hurt, because it does. I know though I must forgive him, maybe not so much for his benefit but for mine. If I do not forgive then I will dwell on it and become bitter, I can not allow myself to do that. I will not allow myself to be destroyed spiritually or mentally over this. It would be easy to hate him, that’s probably what he deserves , but I can not hate him. I can not say I love him as a father, but I can say I at the very least love him as a soul who needs Jesus.

Perhaps growing up like that gave me a deeper burden than I would have had otherwise. Maybe because of that I understand stand peoples pain a little better. I would like to think I am a better parent because of it, I know I could never abandon my children.

We all know a child with out a dad or with out any parents. Please, be the person Jesus wants you to be. You may not can do much, but you can say a kind word. You can show love and compassion. You can be the church for that child. Just listening to a child means so much. Ask them how they are doing, and what they are learning in school. If they do not attend church, bring them. It’s not a hard thing to do.

Men, if you, for what ever reason find yourself with out your children this Father’s day, please know it’s not to late. Some of you may have left your children, others may be separated by no fault of your own. You can not change the past, you can not fix it but you can give the situation to God and he can fix it. Even if your children do not want you in your life, you can still pray for them. Prayer is and always will be answer. God alone can heal a broken heart. Both yours and theirs.

So here I am at the end of my post and I give honor to the Moms who are doing it by themselves. I give honor the the Grandfathers, the Uncles, the Big Brothers, neighbors, who stepped up. I give honor to the Church for filling in, Pastors Sunday School teachers, Children’s Church leaders, and kind members who just love children, You are the church Jesus intended you to be.