Introducing Mom’s Guide to Revival Survival!

Welcome to another parenting blog! We hope you enjoy your visit, and hope you find encouragement (and maybe a laugh or two) during your time here! If you are looking for a parenting blog on how to be perfect parents with perfect kids this is NOT that blog! We are two moms doing our very best to raise our children in an imperfect world, while showing our children how to serve a PERFECT God.

I am Marrilla. I have four children, two sons, and two daughters. I homeschool. My oldest graduated last year, and is now attending the community college nearby, my second son graduates this year (YAY SR ’15!!) while my daughters are 16 and 12. I have been the “young parent” and survived. And loved EVERY minute of it. Even the not-enough-sleep nights that seem endless (they aren’t). I have learned a lot during this process of 19 years. Mainly, that 19 years isn’t as much time as I once thought it was.

My kids have taught me a lot. Mostly patience…. but also how to love when you are really angry, and how to see things from a different perspective.

How to pray.

I am currently trying to gracefully accept the changing “life seasons.” The fact that half of my children are considered “adults” is a very new season for me. While I am proud of their accomplishments, I miss the sweetness of their baby-preschool years that went by so quickly. One thing is certain…seasons do change. With the help of the Lord, I am still learning.


Hi from the other Mom! (The one that procrastinates )

Hi, My name is Racheal, Keeper of the Monkeys. I also have four wild monkey children. The Nerd Boy  is 15, SissyBrat is 13, Clown Boy is 10 and LouLee is 9. I believe that is all the children I have, however, they move really fast so it’s hard to count them all. I also have one tired overworked husband, Bubbe, and 2 elderly Chihuahua dogs, Spot and Dot.

We are not your typical perfect family. My children have a variety of disabilities that I will no doubt talk more about as this little blog goes along. My house is not perfect and the meals we eat will never ever be the subject of a Food Network show or even lovely enough to post on Facebook. I am not Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, or Oliva Walton.

Who I am though is an imperfect mom, who loves her imperfect family and works hard to make their world as happy as I can. So If you need advice about fashion or decorating.. best of luck to you! If you want to know how to parent a child with a disability, survive an IEP meeting, tackle 20 loads of laundry and still make it to church on time? Need to know how to stretch one pound of hamburger meat into 2 meals that actually taste good take little prep and can be made in the crock pot? Questions about homeschooling or public schooling? I do both of those.  How to balance a very full schedule church, kids, chores, PTA therapies and all that other stuff?  I am your person.

If you hang around here long enough you will probably want to know  how I tame the monkeys and maintain some level of sanity. In fact you probably all ready are asking yourself, “How does she do it?” Or maybe, “why does she do it?”  Both of those are very good and valid questions.  There is of course only one answer.  I promise that answer is not that I am super woman or that I am super organized and have unlimited energy.  The answer is of course,  a whole lot of Jesus and a never ending supply of coffee.  My life has been really tough at times. Raising children, any children, is not easy.  But I can truly say Jesus has helped me every single day, and I am so grateful for that.  Even as imperfect as we are, we still serve a perfect God.

Thanks for joining my crazy life!

Keeper of the Monkeys

Here is a funny video we enjoy and hope you do too!