I Am That… Mom!!!

I have no doubt you have seen a mom just like me before.  I am sure you have seen a house like mine before.  I am the mom that may not brush her hair til oh I don’t know bedtime maybe?  I live in the house that is often messy despite my best efforts to keep it manageable. Why?  Because I live in a house filled with kids and dogs. That’s why. Often there are more kids and dogs that I can even claim to have. Or would want to for that matter.

Kid’s have a way of multiplying.  You think you just have a couple and then boom! You have a yard or house full.  They will be in your van, on your couch, they will have games spread all over your table, No spot is safe and no cookie will remain uneaten.

Your laundry will not get done, your floor will be nasty, supper will be late. And there is nothing you can do about it at all.  Don’t even try. Save your energy for more important things… like baking more cookies.

By nature I am a person who enjoys a good book and peace and quiet. I thought my children would also enjoy these things. But no… they don’t quiet is never found in my house… unless, of course, the kids are doing something… that will of course get them in a lot of trouble. Can I get a witness moms?

When the kids were younger it was kind of fun.  I sat all the lovely children down in the floor and they watched VeggieTales. Being that mom… the other kids soon realized I was stuck with them and had to listen to them.  I have comforted kids over the loss of pets and stuffed animals.  Most things were an easy fix. Here is your cookie kid, all is well now.  Then there was that one day a child showed up on her bike. I was the mom she came to hide from the world and cry over the loss her her own mother.  That day I realized that a cookie will not fix all the evils of the world. That day I learned to appreciate my role as “that mom” who doesn’t always have an answer but at least cares.

As my children get older, I am now “that mom” to teenagers. Teenagers that face real life scary adult situations. Situations that if not handled right could have very serious effects on the rest of their lives.  I may not know the answer always, but I am so very thankful to know the One with all the answers. I know Jesus has placed these kids, their cookie crumbs, and all their issues into my life.  I hope that I can fulfill the role He has put me in.

So I sit here amazed and in awe of every snack food, every spilled cup of juice, every mess, and every precious little soul and now not so little soul that has ended up at my house and left their fingerprints and shoe prints behind.  I am truly grateful to have shared a little part of their lives with them.   My sincerest hope is that they all grow up to be happy well adjusted people who love Jesus and are “those moms ” and “those dads”.

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. (1 Corinthians 13:7 NLT)


Tamer of Homegrown and Borrowed Monkeys