Where We’re Going, We’re not Coming Back

Back in the day, missions used to buy their coffins, pack their belongings in the coffin, and they would head out to where they were going. There was no “coming back.” They knew wherever they were going, they were not coming back. I’ve been thinking on this for myself and what it means. I take the anointing and calling extremely serious. I even question why I am in college, because I know my calling is not to sit in a classroom all day teaching. I will enjoy that when I get a job, but here’s the thing, I see this education that I’m getting at college as the vehicle that’s going to carry me into my destiny. As in, it can open up some doors for me.

Well, how does that tie in to what I said about missions at the beginning? I know that where I am headed, I am not coming back. God has moved that into my soul. I have been prophesied over three times. They all cross checked with each other and did not contradict.

First prophecy was that Satan has me in his cross hairs (and believe me, he’s hit me more than once). But it’s because he knows what I am going to do, where I’m called, and my anointing. Then, the preacher went on and said that I am called to be a voice to this generation telling them not to turn away and go back to their sin. That’s all feel good right? Wrong. That scares me. I studied up on what being a “voice to this generation” means. I studied John the Baptist, Paul, Samuel, Peter, Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah and David. All of them gave up lives and sacrificed heavily for the Kingdom of God. That’s very general, right? Yes. Let’s go deeper. Jeremiah was one I focused on specifically. He was hated, mocked, imprisoned, and told to shut up. No one would hear him. He proclaimed the Word of God and got told to shut up.

Do you understand how hard and how painful that was? He cried. He wept. Why? No one would hear him. He was a voice to a generation that draws so many parallels to today’s generation. God showed me that whatever is ahead is going to break my heart. It’s going to eat at me, and I can’t be silent, because it’s my calling.

Second prophecy, I was told that I was surrounded by children giving them the gospel and teaching them what God says. But… there’s more. Then, he says that I will have a “night of nights” and my flesh will fight with my spirit. It will break me, but from that would come an anointing like I have never had before. Then, you will walk into your destiny. Not much to say on that one. Pretty cut and dry. However, I think of Jacob when he wrestled with the angel. Jacob, the deceiver, fought to obtain something. His hip was disjointed, but he fought harder. In the end, he NEVER walked the same. He wouldn’t even be called by the same name. His name was now “Israel,” for as a prince he had power with God.

There’s going to be a time in our lives when something is going to break. We can’t allow what’s been going on to go on. We can’t be what we were. We need a touch that only God can give. When we come to that point, something will change. When we get broken, the anointing will begin to flow. The anointing isn’t who can jump highest, shout the loudest, speak the best. The anointing is when you walk away from an altar broken, and you’re never the same! That’s what has to happen if we as the men and women of God ever plan on being used. God uses brokeness. If the strongest man cannot come to an altar and be broken, he can be used, but he will never be used to the capacity God is wanting him to be used. GET BROKEN BY GOD!

Third prophecy said that I was called for something greater than what I ever dreamed. I would reach men, women, and children and win them to God. That I was going to have an anointing that would exceed all that I’ve ever thought. I believe it, because it backs up the others. God is a great God. Here’s where I tie it all in.

We need to burn some bridges and say, “Where I’m going, I will never come back.” The church is too Americanized. We want things done our way. Do you believe that the missions of old really had it their way? They walked away from families, friends, and houses to pursue the mission of God in their life. Now, I’m not saying walk away from your family, friends, and personal belongings, but we need to never go back to what we were. There’s going to come a time when we have to make that choice of, “Are we going to stay here and achieve limited capacity of what God wants from us, or are we going to look ahead, move on, and never come back to what we’re in right now to achieve the purpose of God?”

What does that require? Being willing to be broken and having your life examined by God as he removes what does not need to be there. It’s going to require getting a burden so great that no matter what we do, we cannot stay silent, because what God is saying is always in our minds and hearts. It’s going to require raising our voices and giving it all over to God. Then, never looking back. Never allow ourselves to go back to what we were.

As for me, if I die preaching the gospel, so be it. If that is the purpose of God, I will give my life, because wherever I am going, I am not coming back. I’ve had a huge mindset change in the past weeks. I’ve realized that I have allowed my faith to become Westernized. Not complaining about capitalism and freedom. I’m thankful for every soldier and our market system. I love my country, but I look back and say, “the government should do lower taxes and such to help strengthen and encourage the family and marriage.” Now I say, “Hold up. That’s not government’s place to strengthen and encourage the family and marriage.”

You see this is how I’m tying this together. It is not government’s job to strengthen and encourage family and marriage. It is the church’s job. The government has an expanded role where the church has allowed itself to become an accessory. My loyalty is not to my government. My loyalty is to the God that allowed my government to be established. Thereby, I obey the laws and do my civic duties, because that’s what Peter stressed in his two books. We need to shift from this view that government needs to do “x” to strengthen/encourage “y.” If the church would be the church in America, we would be much better off.

Places like China are experiencing revival, and are growing in numbers of Christians. America is declining. Why? We’re settled. Mark my words, something will shake the American church to core, and we will never be able to return to our settled state.