Barabbas: The Revolutionary, The Thief, The Murderer

John 18:40 NLT

“But they shouted back, “No! Not this man. We want Barabbas!” (Barabbas was a revolutionary.)”

Barabbas was a revolutionary. He committed murder in uprisings. Yet, the leaders of the priests are here saying, “We have no king besides Caesar. Jesus speaks as if He is a king, and we can’t have that!” However, they ask for the revolutionary back.

“Barabbas, you’re a murder. Barabbas, you’re a thief. Barabbas, you’re only doing what everyone else wishes could be done to the Romans.”

We live in a world where the guard is changing. Traditional values on marriage, love, child rearing, and work are being kicked out of the door. America is being called “post-Christian.” Many of our own people are following the “revolutionaries” of mainstream Christianity who accept anything.

Sad thing is, they’re not just revolutionaries. They’re murdering the souls of those who follow them. People will go to hell, because they follow the “revolutionaries” who believe they have obtained a higher insight or viewpoint of the Bible.

So, we have Jesus, son of the Living God. The Way, the Truth, the Life. Or we have Barabbas, Son of the father. The revolutionary, the thief, the murderer.

Pilate sets in the Judgement seat believing he has the ability to say who goes free. He sits there believing the Truth is on trial when the crowd is screaming for the revolutionary.

The Truth was never on trial. The Truth has never been on trial. The Truth never will be on trial.

On that day, the people had a choice. Jesus, the Son of God, or Jesus Barabbas, son of the father. The Way versus the revolutionary. The Truth versus the thief. The Life versus the murderer.

So sit in your judgement seat all you want. You do not have a great revelation that supersedes anything the Bible says. That’s what the revolutionaries want to believe. “Marriage? You don’t have to commit, just shack up. Divorce if it isn’t for you. Homosexuality? God is love and they love their partner. You can teach your children to disrespect the authority and never be submissive to a pastor or committed to a home church.”

NO! No to all of it. The Truth is not on trial. Marriage is still holy. Divorce is still wrong. Homosexuality is still sin. Love can be twisted by human emotion. Your children need a pastor and a church.

Here’s the great thing though. Jesus knew that Barabbas might never change. He knew Barabbas might always be a revolutionary, a murderer, and a thief. Jesus went to the cross anyway. He had legions of angels ready to save Him, but He went anyway. Barabbas was free. He didn’t thank Jesus. He didn’t say that he owed Jesus anything.

No, the Lamb was taken to a cross. The Truth stood that day. The Truth was nailed to a cross. Blood poured from His body. Satan thinks the Truth lost. Then, the Truth died. That’s when Satan realized, “My keys are gone. What happened? I thought He was dead! I thought it was over! They traded Him in for the revolutionary!”

They did. And people today are trading Jesus Christ in for Jesus Barabbas. Believing that the revolutionary is better than the Way. Believing the thief is better than the Truth. Believing the murderer is better than the Life. Paul warned about people preaching another Jesus. I beg of you to search yourself and see if you have the right Jesus or is it just some revolutionary?

Barabbas was exactly what the Sanhedrin wanted. He wanted to overthrow Rome. Jesus was everything the Sanhedrin feared. He wanted to overthrow Death, Hell, and the Grave.

I know I’ve gotten away from the series, and I will pick back up with Demas in the “When Did Jesus Stop Being Enough” series next week!