Pentecostal Group Hosts ‘North American Bible Quiz’ With Over 300 Student Contestants

A Pentecostal group has hosted its North American Bible Quiz Tournament in Oklahoma, which featured over 300 students from across the United States and Canada.

With about 800 in attendance at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, 315 students comprising 113 teams competed to see who best remembered Bible verses. A multiday event that wrapped up on Wednesday, the NABQT was hosted by Senior Bible Quizzing, which is part of the United Pentecostal Church International’s General Youth Division.

Ben Cohen, communications lead for Senior Bible, provided The Christian Post with more details about the contestants and the challenges they faced in the tourney.

“Our students, aged 12-18 years memorize 550 verses of the Bible over a season that extends about nine months; they compete on teams of 2-5 members and are asked 20 questions of increasing point value in a double-elimination tournament,” said Cohen.

“This year, our Bible Quizzers memorized scriptures from Proverbs, 1 Kings and Ecclesiastes based upon the theme the Way of Wisdom.”

The 315 students who made it to Oklahoma were those who had already won state and district level competitions that included thousands of students across the continent.


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