I have No Idea… Can you Google that?

I have been a mom now for 16 years. Quite impressive I think, or it would be. I wish I could say that after all these years I actually had some idea what I am doing, but I don’t. I have no idea.

At one time I thought I knew the answers. There was no “boo-boo” I could not kiss and make better. There was no injury to a beloved teddy, I could not repair. I always knew what to say and do. I had a clear plan. Not only that, I always had a back plan!

Life is different now. Life is busy and complicated. My kids are older and face real life issues and problems. I have two teenagers, who often face things I had no idea about when I was their age. Not only that, they have friends who have things in their lives they have to deal with, and the friends also seem to think I know the answer. Maybe its the grey hair? Perhaps it makes people think I am wise. In the last few weeks we have dealt with boyfriends, girlfriends, the tragic suicide of a school mate, bullying, failing grades,  teens being abandon by their parents, the sexual assault of a young girl, college choices, job applications, and general teen drama.

My younger children also have issues and questions that I feel so inadequate to deal with. I have no idea what to tell them or how to help.  My youngest has special needs and is becoming more and more aware of them. She has so many questions about “why?” I gave up asking “why?” many years ago.

Gone are the days of legos and little cars. Playing in the water hose and sidewalk chalk just aren’t cutting it any more. It’s not as simple as let’s get kool-aid and watch Barney anymore.

You would think that if I had a blog I would have some wisdom to share, but I really don’t. But you know what? I don’t really think anyone else does either.  Sure I could tell you to just love your children, be their friend, guide them, whip them, don’t whip them, send them to boarding school,  ask Dr Phil, or any other random parenting advice you have no doubt seen posted all over Facebook already. I won’t do that.

What I can tell you, the only thing I would even attempt to tell you is Jesus is the answer and He will always be the answer. If I have helped these kids (my own and the ones I seem to collect) at all, it’s only because of Jesus.  All I can do as a parent is love them, be as involved as best I possibly can in their schools and church, and pray for them.  The only hope these kids have really is in Jesus. It is my job to make sure they understand that. It’s hard to admit that I do not know the answers (especially if its a home work question 🙂 )  But I am so very thankful I can introduce them to Someone who not only knows the answer, but is the answer.

Please pass the Tylenol!

Rachael, Tamer of the Monkeys