Judge Orders Defiant Kentucky County Clerk Who has Refused to Grant Gay Marriage Licenses to Jail

The embattled Kentucky clerk who has continued to defy an order that she begin issuing gay marriage licenses was ordered to jail after being summonsed before U.S. District Judge David Bunning for a contempt hearing on Thursday.
Bunning told Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis that she would be jailed until she complies with his order. The defiant clerk, who has continued to cite her Christian faith in her refusal to comply, said “thank you” before being ushered out by a U.S. marshall, the Associated Press reported.
The contempt hearing for Davis came after a last-minute attempt from Kentucky State Senate President Robert Stivers to urge Bunning to stay a ruling that would force Davis to issue gay marriage licenses, according to the Christian Science Monitor.
Stivers had been hoping that the state legislature could pass legislation that would exempt her from issuing same-sex licenses, but the legislature is on recess until next year. The last-minute move would have granted both Davis — and officials — more time to grapple with the issue, though it was clearly not granted.
Emotions were running high outside a federal courthouse in Ashland, Kentucky, before Bunning issued his decision, as hundreds showed up to support their cause. While some rallied in support of gay marriage, others defended Davis.

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