Sheaves For Christ Offering Sets New Records in 2015!!

Sheaves for Christ, the annual fundraising campaign for missions ran by the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church, has announced that they have for the 6th year in a row had a record setting offering given! The General Youth Division released the following announcement:

Some Facts and Figures:

This is the 63rd year that a Sheaves for Christ Offering has been taken!

11 Districts (Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Nova Scotia, Quebec, SoCal, South Carolina, South Dakota, South Texas, and Texico) set all time records for their districts!

40 out of 55 North America Districts had an increase this year over last year.

One Student, by the name of Daron Dame, raised $20,101.00 for Sheaves for Christ this year!

One church, Living Way Church in Conroe, TX, gave $125,242.65 to Sheaves for Christ, which is a per capita offering of $676.99!!


Thank you to all who supported Sheaves for Christ this past year! Thank you for your support of missionaries, both domestically and abroad. If you would like more information on Sheaves for Christ please see the General Youth Division’s website at .

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