Threats made against Ohio transgender grade schooler has district talking bathrooms

(Via WOWK TV) MCDERMOTT, OH – An Ohio school district is considering making all restrooms at an elementary school unisex after threats were made against a transgender student.

During the 2014 school year,  a transgender student at Northwest Elementary, who identifies as female, but has male anatomy, was instructed to use unisex bathrooms located within the school. This school year however, Todd Jenkins, superintendent of Northwest Local Schools, followed legal advice regarding Title IX Gender Equality Laws.

“It wasn’t a board decision,” said Keith Crabtree, president of the Northwest Local School Board. “We had no idea it was happening.”

But after a heated board meeting this week, student safety issues forced a return to unisex restrooms only.

“The child received some threats so for the safety of all, we backed off,” said Jenkins.


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