This 4 year old girl has a husband 25 years older than her! But here’s why parents have accepted that.

4-year-old Abby comes from New York. Behind her beaming smile lies a terrible secret: she has acute lymphatic leukemia, a form of cancer that mostly affects children. At the moment she is a patient at the “Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers,” a specialized clinic in New York. Even though she is fighting for her life, the little one is remaining optimistic, while the dangerous illness takes its toll on her health.

But there is a ray of sunshine in the darkness: Abby has befriended her favorite nurse, Matt Hickling. She visits him everyday to get her shots. She likes Matt so much that she’d like to marry him.

Abby tells her mother about her marriage plans and explains that at her next visit, she plans to stick a ring on his finger. When Matt learns of the little one’s plans, he is immediately excited. He knows how much this will cheer Abby up. So he begins to consider how he can best conduct the “wedding” with Abby.

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