Here’s Why Waffle House Denied Service to an Armed Soldier

The National Guardsman had allegedly gotten in a fight at the restaurant before.

Controversy erupted this week after a Waffle House in Kentucky refused to serve an armed National Guardsman — but now the restaurant’s owner says there’s more to the story than was previously reported.

Soldier Billy Welch says sometime after he placed his breakfast order on Sunday morning, his waitress noticed the gun holstered at his side and told him he’d have to leave his gun in his car or leave the restaurant. This didn’t sit too well with a fellow customer, who took his complaint to Facebook and subsequently incited a social media firestorm, with Facebook users and Yelp reviewers calling the staff “stupid” and“bigoted” and calling for a Waffle House boycott.

The owner of the Waffle House franchise, Ray Daniels, issued a statement today via Facebook to explain his situation. The statement appears to have since been taken down, but per local news station Lex 18, it read as follows: