JNN News Recap 10/22/15 PM – Coach Joe Kennedy, Prayer for Ted Cruz, and the truth about raising Christian kids

Washington High School Assistant Football Coach Joe Kennedy is under fire for his usual post-game ritual of saying a silent prayer by himself after every game. He has been informed by the School District that he is violating federal law by saying this prayer. At the most recent game, however, the prayer was anything but alone as members of his team, his opponents that night, spectators, and people who came for the sole purpose of praying with him joined him at the 50 yard line after the game. Read more about Joe Kennedy in CNN’s great article on the situation.
Also, check out the Support Joe Kennedy Facebook Page.

Ted Cruz was recently asked how supporters could pray for him and his family. His respond hit home with those in the audience as he said “You know I’d say three things: peace and wisdom, But then also especially you pray for our girls. Our girls Caroline and Catherine are here somewhere.” Read more on this at The Blaze

Finally, have you ever considered the spiritual diet of your children? Writer Nathan Rouse has and in his great article “The Crime Happening In Your Church” he points out the fallacy of thinking that we can solely give the responsibility of teaching our children about God to the Sunday School department of the local church.

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