Why I Left the Bible Belt and Moved to NYC (and You Should Too)

In the summer of 2006 my husband and I sold everything we owned (excepting our clothes and books) and moved from Huntsville, Ala., to Brooklyn, New York, to plant a church. We didn’t have much of a plan—looking back we wish we’d had a better one—but we did have heart. A lot of heart …

The story of Justin and I moving to New York is a defining one; it’s the story that most explains who God’s calling us to be. It’s a story about risk, obedience, priorities, light and dark. It’s a story about following God to unlikely places …

In December of 2003 my brother died in a car accident. Two years later I found myself talking about his death to a room full of college kids expecting modern world literature but settling for a story. I guess it was Tolstoy who got me going on death and grief. I like to think it was him or Dostoevsky, a holy nudge from one among the cloud of witnesses.

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