“Moments with the Master” To encourage the body of Christ:

A.W. Tozer said, “But the sons of this world have not God; they have only each other, and they walk holding to each other and looking to one another for assurance like frightened children.”

Not so with the people of the promise for we walk holding another hand, an unseen hand, a nail scared hand. We walk with the “blessed assurance” that “He who hath done a work in me will perform it until the day of Christ.”

We do not walk as frightened children but children of faith knowing that we are pressing towards the “prize” that is laid before us. By the eye of Faith we look towards that city whose “builder and maker is God.”

A frightened little girl was reassured by her mother that no matter where she was, Jesus was there with her. One evening as the mother was finishing up the kitchen, she ask her daughter to step out on the back porch to get the broom. Frighten of the darkness, she expressed her concerns to her mother. “Honey, no matter where you are, Jesus is there.” Trying to build faith in the child not to be afraid but she still had some growing to do. Stepping to the door of the back porch opening the door to the darkness, she stuck her head out and said, “Jesus, if you’re out there, hand me that broom.”

Well, if we keep building ourselves in that “most holy faith” we can face the darkness ahead with a faith that passes all understanding. Blessings!!!

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