Bro. David Bernard’s Message on Effective Ministry in a Postmodern World

From January 9th to February 3rd, 2017 Rev. David K. Bernard, General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International, posted a 17 part commentary on effectively ministering to the post modern world. Jesus Name News has compiled the entirety of these messages and now present them to you together.

In our postmodern world, many deny there is objective truth. How can we minister effectively in this culture? 15 points to follow.

(1) Without compromising truth, be respectful of other views and be kind to those who disagree

(2) Be humble in presenting truth: acknowledge God’s sovereignty & our limited understanding; avoid unneeded generalization or dogmatism

(3) Accept and love people as they are even when we don’t approve of their choices or behavior

(4) Build authentic relationships that incarnate truth

(5) Use the narratives of Scripture to demonstrate truth

(6) Use personal stories and testimonies to illustrate truth, including examples of God’s power working in human weakness (2 Cor 12:9)

(7) Foster meaningful, genuine, participatory worship that transcends the intellect & is a balance of spirit and truth (John 4:24)

(8) Rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit to transform attitudes, thinking, and behavior

(9) As people experience God’s presence & recognize its reality, lead them to the Bible as the source & explanation of this experience

(10) Point to Jesus as God manifested in the flesh and encourage a relationship with Him, for He is the ultimate truth (John 14:6)

(11) Appeal to biblical principles rather than traditional authority, strive to be consistent in following them, and acknowledge failures

(12) Give milk before meat (1 Cor 3:2; Heb 5:12-13); use wisdom and discernment in presenting truth and in leading converts to maturity

(13) Focus on the main purpose, which is to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ; the goal is to win a soul, not an argument

(14) Beware of terms and labels that tend to close minds, and avoid contentious debates (Titus 3:9)

(15) Speak to people where they are, find common ground, and lead them from the known to the unknown, to the power of God

The gospel works in every age & culture; through Word & Spirit we have resources to present truth in our day and see apostolic revival

Credit for all content goes to Bro. David K. Bernard’s Facebook page.