Controversial college preacher returns to Louisiana State University – Shreveport

Preaching the gospel or pestering people? A religious minister turns a public place into a battleground over faith and the first amendment, but is is legal? KTBS-3 News visited Louisiana State University -Shreveport to witness the clash and we warn you some of the language may be offensive.

The pastor’s name is “Brother Matt” and although no one knows which church he is affiliated with, they do know he’s very vocal about his beliefs.

“Jesus said judge righteous judgment”, Brother Matt yelled at LSUS students randomly.

“You just accused him of being a masturbate,” a student yelled back defending their friend.

This scene is typical every school year. Just before Spring, Brother Matt returns, dressed in a jacket with the name “Jesus” embroidered in large letters walks in circles on a well worn grassy mall at LSUS’ campus, and his rhetoric both irritates and draws embarrassment.

“10 out of 10 Mormons go to hell,” Brother Matt yelled out.

“You sound like you have sugar in your tank,” Matt added pointing at a male student.

Students say Brother Matt’s doctrine is supposed to be about heaven and earth but it’s actually “hellish” to some.

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