Farrakhan: America is “the Most Rotten Nation on Earth”

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam and known anti-semitic racist, blasted America as ‘the most rotten nation on earth’ in a speech posted Tuesday evening.

Speaking to the Nation of Islam during a 2017 convention, Farrakhan spoke out about Trump and his recent remarks regarding Russia and Vladimir Putin.

“No, you’re not as good as Mr. Putin or Russia, because the judgment of God is not on Russia, the judgment of God is on America,” he said. “You are the most rotten nation on the Earth. That is why God has come, and you are number one on His list to be destroyed.”

Farrakhan, now 82 years-old, is no stranger to controversy. He has referred to Judaism as ‘a gutter religion’, branded Christianity a faith of ‘oppression’, and even urged his supporters to “kill those who kill us’.

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