Female Workers Asked To Join In ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Protests

A broad coalition of groups across the nation is encouraging women to participate in Wednesday’s strike, called “A Day Without A Woman.”

The organized protest comes on International Women’s Day, and follows the successful Women’s March in January.

That mass protest on Jan. 21 — President Trump’s first full day in office –- saw huge crowds of demonstrators converge on the nation’s capital, and other rallies in cities across the country and the world.

The protest aims to highlight the economic power of women — as well as ongoing problems of discrimination and pay disparity.

To show their economic importance and impact on society, women are being encouraged to take the day off from paid and unpaid labor and not to shop — except at women and minority owned and small businesses.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance has endorsed the strike.

Ai Jen Poo, who directs the group, which advocates for housekeepers, elder care and child care workers, says it’s a vital labor pool that’s too often grossly underpaid and undervalued.

“This is an opportunity for women, like the low-wage workers that I work with, to join together with women everywhere to say ‘women power this economy,’ to have that be visible and recognized and to think together about how we might shape the future with that power.”

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