Islamic Professor Has Christian Student Suspended For Beliefs

When a conservative Christian student objected to a Muslim student supporting the mutilation of gays, their Muslim professor had him suspended for insulting Islam. After the Christian student met with the dean over the teacher’s allegations, the dean had just 4 simple words.

Despite what the left and its Westernized Muslims claim, Islam has never meant to coexist and couldn’t even if it tried. Perhaps the most fundamental difference is the West’s freedom of speech, for which Sharia law offers the death penalty. While one is allowed to indulge in critiques of whichever ideology they choose, Islam requires that anyone who insults, denounces, or even challenges its values must be punished.

When Marshall Polston, a young aspiring conservative activist, entered the class of Areej Zufari, a Muslim Humanities professor at Rollins College who openly defended terrorists and terror-tied imams who commanded the murder of Jews in 2003, he mistakenly believed she’d reciprocate the same respect for his differing views as he had given her. Instead, shortly after expressing his Christian beliefs, the straight-A student received a score of 52 percent on his essay, for which Zufari refused to provide input.

Frustrated but not shaken, Polston continued to attend class and debate along with the other students. One day, however, he witnessed a devout Muslim classmate express his view that homosexuals should have limbs amputated, in accordance with Sharia law. Disturbingly, Zufari laughed it off and refused to report the student’s threat even after Polston and other students objected. It was then that Polston was summoned to the Dean of Safety’s office.

According to the Central Florida Post, Polston was informed that Zufari had reported his behavior and requested reprimand. Seizing his meeting with the head of the college, Polston told the dean that the class had heard the Muslim student make threats of physical harm against homosexuals and Zufari allowed it.

“He stated that a good punishment for gays, adulterers, and thieves was the removal of a certain body part, as determined by Sharia law. It took a few seconds for me to realize that he actually said that, especially after what this community has faced with the tragic loss of life at Pulse,” explained Polston.

Instead of concerning himself with the radical behavior of the Muslim student and Zufari, the dean ignored it, suspending Polston from school and ordering him to stay away from Zufari because his behavior was “making Rollins College unsafe.”

“They made it clear that they had not gotten a report about what the student said, and were more concerned about the danger I was causing to the campus. What danger? A difference of opinion in a college classroom is nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not dangerous. It was surreal and degrading. The bad grade was upsetting, but they were literally refusing to acknowledge the dangers posed by someone who advocated chopping off body parts on campus.”

Zufari succeeded in punishing her challenger but she wasn’t finished. Unsatisfied with merely kicking Polston off campus, the Muslim professor wanted to see him in prison for defying Islam. The vengeful Muslima filed a false police report, claiming that Polston had shown up to her class and threatened her after he was ordered to stay away. The problem is, Polston was traveling with his grandfather to Daytona Beach. He even provided the local newspaper with a receipt from a Chipotle in Orlando, which is marked with the same time that Zufari told police he harassed her.

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