T.D. Jakes clarifies his comments on ‘evolving’ on gay rights

As gay media cheered the “evolution” of Bishop T.D. Jakes on gay rights, the prominent black pastor issued a statement saying he was “shocked” to be so misinterpreted.

“For the record, I do not endorse same-sex marriage. But I respect the rights that this country affords those that disagree with me,” Mr. Jakes said in a Facebook statement posted around midnight Monday.

He explained that in an Aug. 4 interview on Huff Post Live, he was asked about the “black church” and its role in ministering to gay people.

“I briefly mentioned … the word[s] ‘evolved and evolving’ regarding my approach over the 39 years of my ministry to gay people who choose to come to our services” at The Potter’s House in Dallas,” Mr. Jakes wrote on Facebook.

“I was SHOCKED to read that this was manipulated in a subsequent article to say I endorsed same-sex marriage,” he said. “My position on the subject [of same-sex marriage] has been steadfast and rooted in scripture.”

Mr. Jakes, who also is a popular author, soon garnered more tha 400 mostly approving comments on his T.D. Jakes Ministries Facebook page.

However, Jennifer LeClaire, senior editor at Charisma magazine, posted Mr. Jakes’ Facebook reply on her Watchman on the Wall blog — and then asked her readers, “What’s your take?”

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