13 Reasons Why NOT

I’m sure you’ve heard of the hit series Thirteen Reasons Why that recently made its debut on Netflix.

If you haven’t, it was based off a novel and has caused an uproar on social media and spiked many tough conversations. It’s the story of a high school student, Hannah Baker, who takes her own life in the midst of suffering. Before she does so, she records herself on thirteen different tapes explaining the thirteen reasons of what drove her to end her life.

These tapes are dedicated to different incidences and different people who drove her to the end of herself. Hannah intends for each single one of these people to get the tapes to hear what they did.

Hannah Baker was the new girl, moved from far away and much like today’s society, attended a high school that was full of hurt people and hurtful people. Rumors were spread, pictures were sent, words were said, whispers were heard, people were betrayed, and friends were lost.

She decided she couldn’t take it anymore; the rumors.

The bullying.

The loneliness.

The betrayal.

The whispers.

While watching this, my heart was broken over the reality and rawness of the story that unfolded. Although this series focused on suicide, it also spoke to many other issues; drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sexual abuse and violence, domestic abuse, rape, and bullying.

These issues are SO. REAL. As a high school student in the public-school system, I am sure of one thing, this story isn’t just cinematic; this story happens EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It is happening.

It might be happening in your own life right now, or in your friends, maybe even your own child.

While this series gave you Thirteen Reasons Why Hannah Baker took her own life, I am going to give you 13 reasons why you shouldn’t…

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