Candace Cameron Bure Responds to a Drag Queen

Candace Cameron Bure responded to popular drag queen Bianca Del Rio on an insulting Instagram post which pegged the actress a “homophobic Republican.”

The “Fuller House” star responded on Instagram last week when Bianca Del Rio re-posted a photo of Bure wearing a T-shirt that said “Not Today Satan” with a caption written by Rio stating, “IF ONLY THIS HOMOPHOBIC REPUBLICAN KNEW.”

Roy Haylock, better known as Bianca Del Rio, is a drag queen who won the sixth season of Rupaul’s “Drag Race” which aired on VH1. He decided to pick on Bure because the catchphrase “Not Today Satan” was a phrase he believes he made popular.

Since Bure re-emerged in mainstream media, she has suffered a great deal of criticism for her conservative Christian views. The actress constantly addresses her naysayers and after receiving a slew of insults from Rio followers she responded to the costume designer’s post as well.

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