HBO Documentary Features ‘Gut Wrenching’ Abortion

Many pro-life advocates are speaking out against HBO’s new documentary on abortion in which viewers are shown one clinic’s procedure room where they hear the killing of an unborn baby during an early first-trimester abortion.

“When the film ended, I was disturbed, not just because I had spent 90 minutes grappling with the horrifying reality of abortion, but because I was thoroughly disoriented,” wrote Addie Mena for the Jesuit “America” magazine on Tuesday.

“‘Abortion: Stories Women Tell’ fails as a documentary, and it owes the women that it portrays much more thought, consideration and coherence,” she added.

HBO claims the film’s director, Trazy Droz Tragos, sheds “new light on the contentious issue,” by showing how women with unplanned pregnancies struggle with the decisions they face, and how activists on both sides of the fence hope to sway their decisions.

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