Vox Ignorantly Responds to Mike Pence’s Marital Rule

Vice President Mike Pence has been the subject of derision by many on the Left this week for his attempts to protect his marriage with his wife Karen by refusing to dine alone with another woman or drink alcohol unless his wife is there. This commendable effort to prevent himself from ending up in a compromising situation has been roundly mocked by the leftwing media and personalities. But Vox has outdone them all. In a piece published Friday, employment lawyer Joanna L. Grossman declares that “Pence’s ‘never dine alone with a woman’ rule isn’t honorable. It’s probably illegal.”

Grossman, author of Nine to Five: How Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Continue to Define the American Workplace, makes the case that Pence’s efforts to stay out of trouble by not dining alone with a woman other than his wife is “clearly illegal when practiced by a boss in an employment setting, and deeply damaging to women’s employment opportunities.”

Here’s the meat of Grossman’s overwrought legal argument:

Title VII, which governs workplace discrimination, does not allow employers to treat people differently on the basis of certain protected characteristics, one of which is sex. This means that an employer cannot set the terms and conditions of employment differently for one gender than for the other. This includes any aspect of the relationship between employer and employees — extending to benefits like equal access to the employer. Employers are not permitted to classify employees on the basis of gender without proof that sex is a bona fide occupational qualification for a particular job. A Pence-type rule could never satisfy this test. A male boss cannot casually cordon off certain jobs, tasks, or opportunities for men only. (I am assuming here that Pence does occasionally dine with men — table for two — without his wife present.)

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