5 Things That Are NOT A Badge Of Honor In Leadership

Find yourself busy? A little overwhelmed?

You’re not alone. Especially in leadership.

I made a lot of mistakes in how I handled my workload as a young leader in charge of three small but rapidly growing churches.

Like many people, I assumed that the only way to handle a growing organization was to work more hours. The flawed logic went something like this: the larger our church became, the harder and longer I had to work.

The challenge of course, is that nobody is manufacturing more hours in the day. Whether you lead 2 people or 2000, you have to manage it all in 24 hours a day.

But that logic was lost on me as a young driven leader in my 30s trying to lead a great cause.

It got to the point where, as we grew, I wore my insatiable work ethic as a badge of honour. Was there pride underneath that? Sure. And unhealth. And unsustainability.

It all worked great until, well, it didn’t.

A decade into my leadership, I burned out. Our church had reached about 600 in attendance, and 10 years of running at an unsustainable pace just about killed me.

I’ll write more about that burn out in some upcoming posts, but let me start here.

There are some things I wore as badges of honor as a young leader I no longer wear as a badges of honor today. What breaks my heart is I see many leaders falling into the same patterns I did.

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