Christian Hip Hop And Evil Beats

Can beats be evil? Normally, when I am confronted with a ridiculous argument, I take a step back and really consider if I want to put my time and energy into refuting it. Sometimes I take it on, sometimes I let it be; usually depending on if the challenger is capable of a logical discussion. But, as a Christian & a lover of art, I believe it is extremely important to really dig deep and analyze questions like this.

First, let me get this out of the way. As a student and an avid reader of the Bible, I can definitively conclude there is no scripture that forbids or even discourages rhythm or drums(The Core of CHH). So, the accusation that drums, beats, or rhythms are somehow evil came about by some other means than the scriptures explicitly. In a moment we will explore where this idea came from, but, before that, it is necessary that we really seek out the scriptures on what it says about drums and rhythm.

To argue that rhythm is evil in any sense is actually counter to the commands and actions in the scriptures. Rhythms are used all over the Bible for positive and correct practices. It is used for prophecy (1 Samuel 10:5,6), praise of God (Psalm 150:4), worship (Psalm 68:25), and joyful celebration (Isaiah 24:8). So, the direct source of this ideology against rhythm is not found in the Bible; it must be from another source.

Generally, while reading the Bible, you will not come across the word “drum.” I have found numerous references to cymbals in use with the house of David including 2 Samuel 6:5, Psalms 150:5, and other passages where they are used all the way up to Ezra (3:10) and Nehemiah (12:27). Cymbals are an important part of the modern drum kit. I have found references to small wooden finger instruments called castanets. These could be considered a type of percussion at the very least. But, the real clincher is the numerous references to the tambourine.

Source: Christian Hip Hop And Evil Beats – Milleneration