Elderly man sells firewood to pay wife’s medical bills – then passerby learns she’s already dead

When Jessica Pittman was driving through her hometown of Gulfport, Mississippi, last year, she couldn’t help but notice an elderly man standing next to his parked car by the side of the road.

Curious, Jessica pulled up beside the man, who seemed to be selling something.

The man introduced himself as Kenneth Smith, and he was there with his wife, Helen.

Together, they were selling kindling wood to pay for Helen’s hospital bills.

A few years ago, Helen was diagnosed with lung cancer. The couple couldn’t afford to pay for all of her expensive medications and doctor visits, so Kenneth started cutting up a rotten tree, putting the wood in bags, and selling it as kindling.

He was asking for $5 a bag.

Fast forward a year and Jessica saw Kenneth standing on the same corner selling his kindling again. But this time, he was alone.

His beloved wife, Helen, had passed away.

Devastated and in debt, Kenneth was selling wood by the side of the road again, trying to pay his late wife’s remaining hospital bills.

Kenneth had no choice but to stand there and wave to motorists in the hope that they’d buy wood from him.

Moved to tears, Jessica decided that she had to do something. So she went on Facebook to see if she could help Kenneth.

But neither Kenneth nor Jessica were prepared for what would happen over the next few days…

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