Meet the Staff: Bill Cooley

Meet the Staff has been a segment where you get to learn more about your staff members here at Jesus Name News! Today, we interviewed Bill Cooley! *Note: This interview has been slightly modified to help it flow better.*

JNN: Hey Bill! You’re the final staff member to be interviewed for #meetthestaff!

Bill: Hello!

JNN: Tell us a little about yourself!

Bill: I am a respiratory therapist by night and a JNN and YKYPI admin by day. Just kidding admin is 24/7 job. I have run “YOU KNOW YOUR PENTECOSTAL IF” for about 6 years now. It’s a great humor group. I have been in church and was baptized at 14.

JNN: Did you ever or do you currently have a nickname?

Bill: Well, Bill is a nickname, so…

JNN: You’re one of the “originals” for Jesus Name News! What made you want to join/start JNN?

Bill: Larry and myself go back more than ten years.  We started a website a long time ago named mortal clay and it never worked out, the foundation just wasn’t there yet. I’ve always wanted to do a site like JNN and after having YOU KNOW YOUR PENTECOSTAL IF was taking off with over 30,000 members we decided to give it a go. JNN is all about getting great content out to the world from many gifted content creators.

JNN: What do you find the most challenging and what do you like the best about working with JNN?

Bill: Keeping it going day to day, and trying to expand in to the areas. Right now, I’d say I’m most challenged in setting up the Pentecostal Wiki. I try to add things often as I can and make it a premier place for the history of our faith. We need to preserve our history. JNN has awesome people working for it and it’s a great group to grow and develop new ideas!

JNN: Speaking of the Pentecostal Wiki, what made you think of that? It’s kind of one of those things that’s so obvious to make, you don’t think about it!

Bill: I have always had a love for Pentecostal history and was sad that there aren’t many online resources for it.  Wikipedia is a great inspiration to crowd source input and try to make it s exhaustive as possible. We are hoping to make it the best place to come and discuss our history and learn about the great men and women that went on before us. We also wanna celebrate the present and future with the website as well.  It has its own Facebook page!

JNN: Anything else you’d like to add?

Bill: I think that’s it!

JNN: Thanks, Bill!

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JNN thanks you for reading and learning more about our staff members!