Meet the Staff: Derek McVey

Meet the Staff is a time where you get to learn a little more about your staff members that run Jesus Name News! This time, we interview Derek McVey! *Please note that this interview has been slightly altered to make it flow better.*

JNN: Our resident ginger joins us for our next interview for our #meetthestaff!

Derek: Hahaha that’s me, spice of life!

JNN: So, tell us a bit about yourself!

Derek: Well, I won’t give my whole life story, but you know. Haha! I was born into a pastor’s family. My grandfather has been my pastor my entire life. I’m also a PK, and I’m a minister myself. I’m a huge history/science nerd. Huge Doctor Who, Star Wars, DC comics (mostly their TV programs), NASCAR, and football fan. People say those are very interesting combinations and wide ranging. I will talk about politics and religion to anyone and anywhere – as you know from the chats we have with other members of the team. Church and doctrinal history is what I’m avid about – along with ancient history. Right now, I’m a college student. I’ll be finished December 2017. I’m going to be a history teacher. So, that’s exciting for me. God’s been gracious.

In all seriousness though, man, I love Jesus. He’s first for me. I love His word and truth. He’s brought me through some bad, terrible places in my life. He’s fought horrible battles for me that no one knows about. I pray it’s said about my life that I lived more to build His name than mine. I can’t thank Him enough for what He is doing in my life right now and what He’s teaching me about life in this time. You know, I just want to live my life in complete surrender to the One who gave His all for me.

JNN: So tell us, did you ever or do you have a nickname in high school or college?

Derek: Yes. It all started sophomore year of high school. I was huge. 330 pounds, 6’2″. (I am now 220, 6’4″) I walked into the local Mexican restaurant with my older cousin, Joey, and one of our friends (we all played football) before a game one afternoon. My oldest cousin, Jamie, and one of the guys we grew up with were also there. Jamie was graduated from our high school, and the other guy was a senior at our high school. So, they see me walk in, and they say, “Derek, you’re huge. You’re like a dinosaur.” Jamie spoke up, “Yeah, we’re going to start calling you ‘Dyno.'” It’s stuck ever since. All the seniors at that time knew me by it. The whole football team started calling me that name. It stuck, and I still have people come to me from that high school (even though I’ve been out of there for almost 5 years) and ask if I’m “Dyno.” I have no idea what legends are circling around that school about me. Hopefully, it’s not the story about the time I ate bad Mexican food before a football game. To this day, Joey’s kids call me “Uncle Dyno.” So, it’s lived on.

JNN: If you could see into the future to any point in time, what would you want/hope to see?

Derek: Honestly, I know this is probably cliche, but it’s a meet the staff thing, right? Haha! My biggest dream, besides being the best servant of Jesus with His help, is to be a husband and father.

So, if there’s a future that I want/hope to see it’s my wife, kids, a house, a couple of cars, good jobs. More importantly, I hope that my wife and I can raise children who fall in love with Jesus and know Him for themselves. Your life is meant for more than paying bills and dying. There’s a whole lot that each of us can give to someone else and the next generation of Christians. I want to be the man after God’s own heart that has a genuine desire and concern for souls and people. I don’t have to be a pastor. I don’t have to be on a platform. If what God wants is for me to be a teacher in a Sunday school room that’s helping teenagers discover the joy of Jesus and His life, that’s what I want.

I always catch myself worrying about how all that will happen, but I find that Jesus told us in Luke to not worry about tomorrow because worrying can’t add one ounce to our lives. So, take each day and live a surrendered life to Christ. He told Martha, I believe, “You worry about details too much, and Mary, who was sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to His teachings, had discovered what should really concern us.” You can work and work on details, but in the end it’s about living at the feet of Jesus and letting Him be our Shepard.

JNN: You mentioned being in college right now. What do you plan on doing after you graduate?

Derek: Probably move out of the ‘Sip (Mississippi), teach at a high school. I really plan on being an adult, and I don’t look forward to it. I do look forward to starting a life though. It makes me happy.

JNN: Hey, age is just a number. 😉 What is your favorite verse or passage of Scripture and why?

Derek: Probably the entire story of David and his men coming to the burned city of Ziklag in 1 Samuel 30. It really speaks to what made David a man after God’s own heart.

JNN: So, you’re actually one of the “original” members of JNN! Did you ever think it would get this big?

Derek: Honestly, I thought it would reach a point that we would have reached our maximum. This is my first venture into something like this. So, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it had the potential to be big, and now that things are coming together; I see it becoming even bigger from here on. We’ve added some more people to help with some things that I’m very excited about. We’ve got a talented, hardworking group of guys.

JNN: What would you say has been one of the biggest challenges in making Jesus Name News into what it is today? Or what do you see as being one of the biggest challenges JNN faces now?

Derek: As far as building it, it was definitely some of the inexperience with building a brand and having a clearer idea of where this was going. We were all on board from day one, which is fantastic. I believe you were part of the original cast that started it. So, you kind of know what I’m talking about. We didn’t know exactly how to get here, but we got here through God’s guidance and our determination. It’s been remarkable.

As far as current challenges now, probably getting everything we want to do to come together. I mean, it has so far. I’m thankful for that. We just have some incredible ideas in the works – one regarding church history, another in networking and different things – that if we can pull that together it’s going to send JNN to a place that possibly none of us dreamed it would go.

JNN: Where can people find you outside of JNN?

Derek: I’m pretty much everywhere on social media.

FB: Derek McVey
Instagram: derek1379
Twitter: derek1379

JNN: Finally, we just had to ask: When you see The Dress, do you see black and blue, or white and gold?

Derek: not cool… haha! If I had to say, it never turned black and blue for me.

JNN: Thank you, Derek!