Meet the Staff: Jared Humphers

Welcome to Meet the Staff, a section where you get to learn a little more about the staff who run Jesus Name News! Today, we sat down with Jared Humphers!

JNN: Hey, Jared! You’re the next to be interviewed for #meetthestaff!

Jared: Thanks for having me! Taylor was right. These seats ARE comfy!

JNN: Tell us a little about yourself!

Jared: Well, my name is Jared (obviously haha). I’m from Deville, Louisiana. I’m currently a music major at Louisiana College, and am entering my junior year this fall. Oddly enough, I’m a big geography fan, and am into vexillology (I study flags. I used to be a big soccer player, and have always loved learning about other countries and their flags!). I also used to be a Bible Quizzer for 12 years, having to stop because of my age. Like I said, I used to be a competitive soccer player (even won the state championship one year) until I was about 15 or 16.

That’s when I really started getting into music and wanting to make it my career. Since then, I’ve now learned how to play about 10 instruments, and am currently working on improving in each of them, learning how to sing better, and also recording my first album, entitled “Launch”. I’ve always enjoyed music, and really am feeling like that’s what I need to do in life. I’m also a YouTuber, and have been into YouTube since I was about 12 or so. It’s weird, because I’ve NEVER been a fan of public speaking, and try to avoid doing it. I guess I’m in a Jonah situation, as in I can’t get away from it. Thankfully, I haven’t been swallowed by a giant fish (just yet, anyway)!

JNN: We actually have TWO staff members who upload videos to the internet! Tell us, do you ever see your YouTube channel growing and getting huge?

Jared: Well, I certainly wouldn’t mind haha! I would like to think so. I pray about my channel (including my other “business” social media accounts), my followers, and God’s plan for my life every day. I see two main things holding me back: consistency and advertising. If I upload more consistently, I think I’d grow more. Additionally, it’s just hard to get your name/brand out there. However, if you consistently upload good quality content, people will eventually start noticing you. Jesus Name News is a good example of that.

JNN: What do you upload on your YouTube channel and other social media accounts?

Jared: *For now, on YouTube, I upload “lifestyle” videos, such as how to overcome procrastination, how to be you, etc. I will be branching out soon, though. Just have to get more consistent and confident, which is something I’ll be talking about in a future video… 😉 For my other social media accounts, I’ll post behind the scenes things from YouTube and my musical journey, but I mainly post different types of videos about music.*

JNN: When do you like to read your Bible, pray, etc?

Jared: Preferably in the morning as soon as I wake up, so I don’t get interrupted by life right away! Also, that way, those thoughts have a chance to float around in my head throughout the day. I’ll even get song ideas from them sometimes.

JNN: If you could see into the future to any point in time, what would you want/hope to see?

Jared: Man… I’m a person who has never really been that confident. Unfortunately, that sometimes impacts my decisions. I’ve gotten SO much better in the past year or so with that, though. I’d like to see myself playing (MAYBE even speaking… we’ll cross that bridge when we get there) music with thousands of Christians and non-Christians alike, getting closer to God. I kind of label myself a music missionary, reaching out to non-Christians and helping them find God, while reaching out to Christians and helping them get closer to Him. Overall though, I don’t really know what the future holds for me. However, I do hope that I know two things about it: I’ll be doing something I love, and I’ll be doing it to direct attention back to God.

JNN: Throughout your years as a Bible Quizzer, you’ve studied thousands of verses in-depth. What is your favorite verse or passage of Scripture and why?

Jared: My favorite passage is definitely the story of Noah. Imagine yourself in his shoes: He’s been called to do something absolutely ridiculous and unheard of. The Bible says it had never rained up until that time, so building a boat, much less an ark, I’m sure caused several heads to turn. Noah was probably ridiculed, made fun of, and told that he was wasting his time. All his work would be for nothing. I’m sure Noah was probably discouraged and lost confidence sometimes. He didn’t know the outcome, but he knew that God had told him to do something, so he did it and did it well. I think that speaks to us Christians living now. We’ll be ridiculed, laughed at, joked about, and even maybe physically hurt. But we have to remember that we’re here for a purpose and that God has made us for a reason. If He didn’t need us, we wouldn’t be here. Just keep working, even when you can’t see the end result. God’s in control. What’s there to worry about?

JNN: What made you want to join Jesus Name News?

Jared: I was a part of the group who actually started JNN, took a break, and was recently re-invited haha. I like the goal of JNN and the reason why JNN exists: to challenge and grow our faith and beliefs. We can’t believe things just because our parents or pastors said so. It’s good to be exposed to other ideas and opinions, and compare them to your own. It’s a good strategy. I was also offered Skittles, but those still haven’t shown up. I’ll have to get with the other people about that…

JNN: Do you think JNN can really become really big in the future?

Jared: Definitely. I see it becoming a top Christian news network. The community on the page is really cool, too. I can definitely see us reaching millions of people.

JNN: Any final words you’d like to add?

Jared: Jesus Name News is a great group of people with a great vision, and I love working with them. The saying we have is “we get the Word out.”. It obviously applies to getting God’s Word out there, and we can’t do it all by ourselves. We’re really growing, and my suggestion is to get on board now so you won’t miss anything! Help us get the Word out!

JNN: Thanks, Jared! If you’d like to keep up with him outside Jesus Name News, you can check out the links below: