Meet the Staff: Larry Chaulkin III

Meet the Staff is a segment where you get to learn more about your staff members here at Jesus Name News! Today, we interviewed Larry Chaulkin III. *Note: This interview has been slightly altered to make it flow better.*

JNN: Next up to be interviewed is Mr. Larry!

Larry: Hello Mr. Humphers, thanks for having me 🙂

JNN: Did you ever or do you currently have a nickname?

Larry: I would say either “Larbear” or “Larry Boy”.

JNN: What’s your dream job?

Larry: What I dream about is working in ministry. Sharing the gospel with people and guiding them to a full and committed relationship with their Savior. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do. In addition, I’m really excited about Jesus Name News and I hope that this can grow into something that could be a career. I believe we can reach a lot of people and do a lot of good with this.

JNN: You’re one of the “Original” Jesus Name News admins. Tell me, what’s made you want to be a part of Jesus Name News?

Larry: That’s… that’s a long story. I guess there are a few things that made me realize a place like JNN is needed, a place where even those who are spirit filled can look at the ideas in this world and discuss them in an environment where logic and knowledge are valued instead of avoided. The one that sticks out the most to me was a long time ago when I was a junior in high school, I believe, a discussion about dress rules and modesty came up in on a message board I was posting on. I noticed that the reasoning being given by some of the posters on the topic was circular reasoning. When you began to counter one justification for the “rule”, they would completely ignore the counter and simply give a second equally spurious justification. When I pointed this fallacy out, an older minister who was an admin banned me, but he didn’t just ban me, he posted a 3 page tirade about how I was possessed by Satan himself and no true Christian should ever speak to me in any way. Another minister once disagreed with me asking questions honestly, mind you I was also still in high school at this time, and in response to my honest truthful request for information this 40+ year old minister threatened to blacklist me among every preacher within 100 miles of where I lived. He told me he would personally insure I could never step foot in an Apostolic church again if I wasn’t silent.

These experiences, and others, told me that we needed a place where truth was always spoken, where the Bible was the highest authority, and God’s spirit led us. A friend of mine, fellow JNN Admin Bill Cooley, started a site and message board called “Mortal Clay” in about 2006. We called it this after a translation of Job 42:6 we found that is quite obscure. We liked it a lot and felt it identified how we felt, clay in the potter’s hand that is slowly approaching the end of our existence. Even in our search for knowledge and reason, we also sought humility with an understanding of our mortality and finite existence.

We created this place with a very few rules, the most important was “be excellent to one another”. Yes, it was a Bill and Ted reference lol. We wanted open discussions, free exchanges of ideas, and even if it got heated we walked away and were still brothers and sisters. We also had a clear and absolute belief that if the truth were put up against an untruth, the truth would always win so we didn’t need to “cheat” and hide and remove people for thinking differently.

This group died after a few years, but we remained good friends. A few years later we ended up co-admins of a Facebook group, You Know Your Pentecostal If… (yes, it’s spelled wrong, we finally got Facebook to allow us to fix it a month ago), and our if that grew JNN as a way to reach new and larger audiences than a group ever could.

I still believe in that same dream, those same ideals. The truth of God’s Word stands tall over all lies and half truths. All that needs to be done is to present that truth and it will shine above all else. That is what JNN stands for, stood for, and always will stand for. It’s the community we are trying to build and why you will see us trying to get people (from all sides) to properly support ideas.

JNN: That’s awesome! It seems like you’ve really wanted something like JNN to happen. Tell me, where do you want to see JNN in two years from now?

Larry: Is there where I say I want it to take over the world? 🙂 lol

My vision for JNN, and I believe this is a vision all of our people so far share in, is for JNN to, as I said, be a place where ideas and knowledge are freely shared. But that isn’t all we have planned for JNN.

I think the biggest part of that is something that maybe I shouldn’t let out, but we are working on a name change to Jesus Name Network. The reason for this is that “news” is not our only focus, and we want out Name to reflect the idea that we want to speak to every aspect of a Christian’s life. This has always been our desire, but our name doesn’t necessarily reflect that.

With that in mind, in the coming months we are going to be increasing our video publishing, focusing on humor, devotionals, and music. In addition, we are working on putting together some ebooks that we feel are going to really help our readers spiritually. In addition we are looking to add writer to our staff to increase He frequency and the quality of the original content we bring you.

One day I’d like to look back at JNN and see that we helped launch young ministers into ministry, giving them a platform for both exposure and financial support (through our ad revenue and merchandise/book sales). I think the Internet can be a great tool for these things and it’s about time we Apostolics take advantage.

JNN: Certainly some big things in the works for the page! Speaking of the future, if you could see into the future into any moment in time, what would you like to see?

Larry: Is it cheating to say heaven? I think it’s cheating… lol I’ll say I’d like to see my daughter at, I don’t know, 16 or 18 or on her wedding day. I spend every day in awe of the blessings of God that He’s shown me in her, but having a far off point that I can point to and know she’s gonna be great and do fine and I’ll make the right decisions would make things easier… I dunno, though, the downside is always “but what if it’s bad?” You know? On second thought, I think I’ll just stay where I’m at and enjoy every second with my family 🙂

JNN: Gotcha! When do you like to read your Bible and pray? The morning? The evening?

Larry: Man, asking the tough questions! lol I am not a morning person at all, I feel like a freak now that I’ve gotten older and wake up by 8:30 or 9 even on my days off. That being said, one of the things of my extremely long “to do” list is to start making some time in the morning because when you make time first thing, it’s a lot harder for all the crazy things we have to do in our lives to get in its way. And, let me tell you, when one of the things you have is an energetic 20-month old girl, there’s always something coming up! Lol

JNN: We’ll remember to #prayforLarry! Outside of JNN and the family, what do you do?

Larry: Well, my day job is currently working in IT for a hospital in my area. Outside of that 9-5 (or whatever it may be), I do a lot for my local church. I teach home Bible Studies and mentor people and am hopefully going to be expanding the things I’m teaching here soon. In addition, I preach from time to time and am studying to get my minister’s license. I should be finished with the first type of licensing in December. In addition, I’ve started to play bass on my church’s worship team. As for hobbies? Well, I don’t remember what those are anymore LOL but it’s all totally worth it!

JNN: Sounds like you stay busy! What do you like most about being a part of JNN?

Larry: There are two things that are my very favorite about being a part of this. The first is just putting the word out there that you aren’t alone or a problem if you ask questions. That it’s ok to think and seek answers and not just accept everything all the time. There is a time for trust and a time for investigation and I wasn’t always afforded that, and I enjoy being able to show others that it’s ok and if we let a person seek truth and present what we know is truth, that they’ll find it eventually. We don’t have to force it or silence them or be underhanded, all it takes to reach people is love and acceptance.

The second part, and this will surprise no one I’m sure, I love the discussions. I enjoy getting in there and really digging deep and taking things out, especially when there is some disagreement. I enjoy being challenged to think and research and answer questions, I think I it’s one of the most valuable things we can ever do.

JNN: Anything you’d like to add as we round out this interview?

Larry: If you’re still reading this, I hope you’re as excited about JNN as we are about it! Please get involved, comment, share, and spread the word about what we’re trying to do here! We appreciate your support! God bless!

JNN: Thanks for your time, Larry!

Larry: Thanks for having me!

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