Meet the Staff: Shane Turner

Meet the Staff is a time where you get to know more about the staff members of Jesus Name News! Today, we interview Shane Turner, one of our newest people to join the staff!


JNN: Hi Shane! Welcome to the #meetthestaff interview!

Shane: Hi!

JNN: So, tell us a little about yourself!

Shane: I am a US Navy Veteran. Deployed to Iraq with 2nd Battalion 10th Marines in 2004. Graduated with a B.S. In Clinical Lab Science in 2010, an MBA in 2013, and a Masters of Divinity this month. I am married to Christina Turner. September 27th of this year makes 3 years. I serve at Northgate Pentecostal Church in TX as a resident scholar, awaiting for a decision on my application for a Ph.D. In Theology. (One of) my goals is to be fluent enough in Greek and Hebrew to be able to read them naturally in those languages. You can also click here for a little more background.

JNN: What do you plan to do with your Ph. D?

Shane: Ideally, teach at TCU. Perhaps teach at UGST, but unlikely since I don’t want to move. I suppose if I teach, it will be distance learning classes as an adjunct professor. I will, however, write and be an author. In some form or fashion, I’ll mimic C. S. Lewis, writing apologetics and fiction in addition to my focused religious writings.

JNN: If you could see into the future to any moment in time, what would you like to see?

Shane: If we find out how to and successfully time travel. The other alternative is to see what is after death.

JNN: When do you like to read your Bible, pray, etc?

Shane: Afternoon or night. I am not a morning person.

JNN: What’s your favorite version or versions of the Bible?

Shane: Greek NT NA28, Lexham interlinear NT, Septuagint, and Hebrew. NET for reading. Can’t say there is a favorite in English but NET and NIV are used the most. I have a test comparison tool in Logos I use for exegetical work, I think the ones I mentioned above are the default settings in the tool.

JNN: So Shane, you’re one of the newer people to become part of the staff here. What made you want to become a part of Jesus Name News?

Shane: Well, I am an aspiring author working on my first book. Part of my marketing plan is to use a blog to share much of what I have learned throughout life and college and also utilize it as a base to promote the book.

(Another one of the staff members) Larry mentioned what you guys were doing and I felt like it would be a good thing to help out and be mutually beneficial.

JNN: Any final words you’d like to add?

Shane: Don’t find religion. Find Jesus.

JNN: Thank you for your time!

If you’d like to follow Shane outside of Jesus Name News, you can do so by checking him out below: (not active as of today. Follow us on JNN to find out when it launches!)

@C_Sturner twitter