Meet the Staff: Taylor Ransom

Meet the Staff focuses on learning who your staff members are!


JNN: Hey Taylor! You’re the first to be interviewed for #meetthestaff!

Taylor: Wow. I’ve never been in an interview before. This seat is comfy.  I wouldn’t really say I’m on staff, I’m more of the office goldfish. Just happy to be here!

JNN:  Where do you come from?

Taylor: I’m from southern IN, but I’ve spent most my life around the Knoxville and Cleveland TN area. I love the people there!

JNN: Have you ever had a nickname?

Taylor: No, but I really Mexican food. I think something could be done with that.

JNN: If you could see into the future, what would you want to see?

Taylor: If I could see into the future, I would definitely want to see if they ever do a Karate Kid 4. Ralph Machio needs another chance.

JNN: Is there any hidden talent you have that maybe no one else knows about?

Taylor: I’m really good square dancing. I believe it’s a lost art in the world of dabbing and whatever “dancing” is today.

JNN: What made you want to join Jesus Name News?

Taylor: Bill (the boss) messaged me one day, and asked if I wanted to come and help out with some projects he’s been working on. JNN is one of those, and when he told me about the future Wiki he wanted to make, that centered around Pentecostal history, I was sold. A lot of great stuff is happening around JNN!

JNN: What’s one of things you like the most about JNN?

Taylor: I think the acronym thing is pretty cool. I wish I had an acronym.

JNN: You’ve been around the social media scene for a while now, actually. You have a popular and growing Facebook page where you post similar content to JNN. What made you want to become a “social media entertainer”, for lack of a better term?

Taylor: I just like making people laugh! Any day I can improve for somebody, is a good day. I also like staring at my laptop screen, for hours on end. So social media is a way I can make my internet time useful, and be building something.

JNN: Do you see running your page as more of a hobby, or do you want to really make your page big?

Taylor: I’m up for whatever God wants to do. It’s been more of a hobby over the past 6-12 months, but every day I get messages from my Facebook Fam telling me how the videos and content has positively effected their life. I think that’s worth taking seriously.

JNN: Lastly, any parting message you want to add?

Taylor: You people that like to spread your french fries all over the tray, and then pour mine and our other friends fry’s into to it too, need to stop. I’m not sharing with you. I bought my fries for me, you bought your fries for you. I bought a large fry, you bought a small. We made decisions. Stop forcing your will on other people’s food. I will blow my stack in the middle of this Wendy’s. I’ll ask Jesus for forgiveness later. Thank you. That is all.

JNN: Thanks, Taylor!


If you’d like to follow Taylor outside of Jesus Name News, you can click here to check out his Facebook comedy page! Stay tuned for the next interview!

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