Mississippi Teen Goes From Homeless to Harvard

ENTERPRISE — Hunter Mollett hasn’t had an easy life.

Not too long ago, the young man was living in a trailer without power or water with just a griddle to cook on, and no food. He’d spend his nights on a park bench in hot, humid weather with mosquitoes biting him as he tried to sleep.

“The longest I remember going without food was four days,” Mollett recalls. “My parents got a bag of frozen peas that someone had put up way long ago. We cooked those and mixed up some cornmeal with water and fried it. That was the best meal I had eaten in my life. I never want to be without food again.”

Things are better these days, since the senior at Enterprise High School got word he was accepted into one of the most prestigious universities in the world — Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

Mollett plans to study biomedical engineering and pursue his dream of being a cardiothoracic surgeon.

“Going to Harvard has always been a dream of mine ever since I was in fourth grade,” Mollett remembers. “I can remember watching the show ‘Boston Legal’ and asking my mom how they became a lawyer, to which she replied, ‘They went to Harvard.’”

Looking back

Having been abandoned by his parents by his junior year, Mollett has lived like a nomad, moving between caring faculty members and extended family and friends, according to Jacqueline Lewis, his Algebra I teacher and National Honor Society sponsor.

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