My Strength And My Weakness

I read a quote once that said, “My family is both my strength and my weakness”. Deep, right? Okay, maybe not that deep, but you know how there are different levels of revelation! For example, some people in Pentecost would see or hear the preacher say, “There’s only ONE God!” and everyone would go ballistic because we’re just Apostolic like that. But one day, it actually hit me in a deeper vein of understanding. There is only one God and I actually know who He is. Well to you, you’re probably thinking, no duh. But coming from a Buddhist background, it was such a deep revelation of the sole greatness of Jesus Christ. Now, don’t worry, my topic isn’t about the oneness of God. I just wanted to express the similarities of that experience with the experience I had had with the earlier quote: “My family is both my strength and my weakness.”

Growing up, there wasn’t a time that I wasn’t sucked up into the closeness of my biological family. Much like many other families, we had been through a lot. From drug addictions to child services, to hurt and mistrusts. You can see where I’m leading you. Growing up there was so much pain and deep hidden wounds (not scars because there was no healing). Nevertheless, my family always loved one another. We always spent time together and trusted one another. For example, one of my older sisters was my best friend. Although there was a six-year age gap, I looked up to her. She took care of me when my family split up because of horrible events that took place. You can see how life’s trouble pulls people together, or at least you would hope you could.

You get the point. My family and I were very close. We oozed love through jokes and pranks on one another and even by sticking through tough times together. We were family.

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