NOT SO SCHOCKING: Study Finds that Women Prefer Men who are more Masculine

Women can’t help but love masculine men, not RompHim-wearing metrosexual male feminists. This seems like basic knowledge acquired by any heterosexual female with a beating heart. But because denial-induced leftists refuse to acknowledge this truth and shame men for their so-called “toxic masculinity” — which is SJW for anything remotely traditionally masculine — a study published in Evolutionary Behavior Science confirms this truth for us.

According to the study, women who had husbands who rated themselves as behaviorally masculine, based on extent of dominance, power, masculinity, and assertiveness, were found to be more satisfied with their husbands during the fertile portion of their cycle than women with less masculine husbands, who saw no jump in increased satisfaction whatsoever.

“[T]he aim of the current study was to examine the interactive effects of women’s fertility and their partner’s masculinity (a trait that women prefer near ovulation in the short-term mating contexts) in the context of long-term relationships — specifically, marriage,” says the study.

After gauging 70 newlyweds, both the bride and the groom, the psychologist responsible for the study, Andrea L. Meltzer, “found a link between wives’ daily marital satisfaction, wives’ daily changes in conception risk, and their husbands’ behavioral masculinity.”

“Women with husbands who reported higher behavioral masculinity were more satisfied with their relationships at peak fertility compared to the less-fertile phases of their menstrual cycles. But women with husbands who reported less behavioral masculinity demonstrated no such shifts in satisfaction. For these wives, the level of satisfaction remained relatively steady,” reports PsyPost.

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