The Gospel of Trump – it isn’t working

Like many Americans, I’ve watched this politically charged season on the edge of my seat. I’m not one to speak out much on politics. I make my voice heard in the polls, but outside of that I tend to stay pretty quiet.

However, in the world of social media, no matter how much you try to avoid the political tension, you can’t.

It screams.


You scroll through social media and see posts on: women’s rights, immigration issues, health care, LGBTQ equality, etc.

And people are MAD.


Now before you decide where I’m headed with this post, let me just say, this is not a commentary on my personal stances on these issues. Although at some point I will most likely speak out, for now, this is simply a response to the noise – to all the fighting, the name calling and the division.

People who support Trump have a right to speak out. Those who do not support him have a right to speak out too. But, what is so hard to watch is the way it is being done.

Especially by those who claim God is on their side…

Now, if you’re reading this and are sharply convinced God is on your side because, the Bible says so! Just hold on a minute. Hang with me.

The Bible says lots of things.


I’m all about reading and reflecting on scripture. It’s wonderful. But, when it’s used to promote/push political views, it morphs into something it wasn’t intended to be. Currently its taken on the shape of something I like to call the gospel of Trump.

Here’s what I mean:

(Someone posts or says something negative about Trump)

People respond with answers like:

“Instead of picking him apart, shouldn’t we be praying for him?” Meaning, they can say their positive opinions of him, but no one else can say their negative opinions against him.

Or, “wouldn’t Jesus want us to honor him?” Of course we should respect the authority of our political leaders. But, this isn’t saying that. It means, please be quiet. Don’t say anything negative or disagree with him.

Or, “have you stopped to think about what Jesus would do?” Ah, the ever familiar Jesus card. I’ll get to that one in a minute.

Or, they list a bunch of Bible verses defending their political opinions. Okay. Lemme just say, what the what?? This one is crazy to me. Because, God didn’t intend the Bible to be used as a tool to shame, silence, control, prove a point or instill fear. It’s entire purpose is to bring hope and life – anything apart from that is undoing the very premise it was created for. So, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, PLEASE put the verses away.

But, I hear the argument, It’s what Jesus would do!!

Sweet friends, do you really know what Jesus would do??

Because I don’t.

I cannot even begin to say what I believe God would think or do in all situations. I just am not that smart. He’s a much bigger God than I am human.

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