14,000 People Show Up For ‘Jesus Week’ In Times Square

Recently, 14,000 people turned up at an event called “Jesus Week” in New York City’s Times Square. And everyone there was united in the same purpose — to honor our Lord and Savior!

The event included a time of prayer, Scripture reading, and live music performances. It was meant to unite Believers in response to the tragedy that struck New York City on May 18. On that day, a man drove a speeding car recklessly through the city, mowing down pedestrians and killing a young girl.

Coming Together For Jesus

Jesus Week, which is organized by Concerts of Prayer–Greater New York (COPGNY), also consisted of outreach to the community. Their efforts included helping the poor and ministering in schools. Jesus Week participants distributed 120,000 children’s books, 180,000 Christian devotional books, and 100,000 Jesus Film DVDs.

All of this led up to the main event on June 3 in Times Square where a stage was set up at 43rd Street in Manhattan. In addition to music, audio Bible recordings played throughout the day for an hour at a time. Following the Bible recordings was a time of prayer through the Scripture, delivered by a minister.

“People said it was the boldest thing they’ve ever seen,” COPGNY president Pastor Dimas Salaberrios said.

Pastor Dimas shared his own testimony at the event, explaining that he used to be a drug dealer on the streets. But once God took ahold of his life he completely changed. Now, all he wants is to share the love of Jesus with others.


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