Congregation Evicted After Split From UPCI

Members of a church in Jamaica were evicted from their worship sanctuary and were forced to hold their services at a different venue after the congregation broke away from the United Pentecostal Church.

Members of the Faith Apostolic Ministries, which was formerly called Faith Chapel United Pentecostal Church, had been gathering at its sanctuary at Renfield Avenue in Kingston since 1981. However, they were recently forced to hold their services at the Majestic Theatre on Spanish Town Road after they were locked out of their previous location earlier this month, The Jamaica Gleaner details.

The eviction comes after Faith Apostolic Ministries broke away from the UPC. The latter reportedly told the leadership of Faith Chapel that they could continue gathering at the Renfield Avenue sanctuary if they did not leave the main church body.

However, Faith Chapel insisted on breaking away and even offered to buy two nearby properties it had acquired while still under UPC. Sadly, the main church body did not accept the offer.

Sources told the Gleaner that the UPC leadership sought an eviction order after Faith Chapel finalized its decision to break away. The main church gave Faith Chapel 14 days to leave the property at Renfield Avenue.

Faith Chapel leaders sought an injunction to prevent UPC from evicting its 1,000 members. The two parties were urged to negotiate the matter and to not let it escalate to court.

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