Considering Women in Ministry

It sounded weird to say “Woman Minister” but then I discovered…

As a pastor in rural Missouri, I was teaching a series years ago that brought me to a passage of scripture that seemed in conflict with others. It became a real crisis for me in prayer and study. I had to have answers. I contacted my presbyter and asked him what he thought. My dilemma was the Scriptures that said women could not teach or preach in the church.

Really, I didn’t have so much of a problem with that, but with a verse that said they should. My emergency phone call that day did help relieve my fears to a great extent, but still I had questions. And then I started seeing reports….

“We licensed more women ministers this year.” Really? Now, remember, I was sure women were not to teach or be in church authority. So,… now my organization was giving them licenses? Licenses to do what? I had to have answers.

Of course, I was never hateful toward sisters of the faith in speaking roles. In fact, I watched some of the videos from ladies’ conferences and God spoke to me through the preaching. But that was women preaching to women, except for all us men sitting at home watching the DVDs.

Could God use women? Would God speak through women? The old theory was that He would only use a woman when a man wouldn’t respond. What should we think of the latest reports of more women being licensed? Is this bad news? Does it mean more and more men are not responding to the call, so we have to summon the reserve forces?

Well, briefly, No!

Today, I can absolutely and definitively say “YES! God approves of women ministers.” I know He does. You could never argue me out of it. His daughters will prophesy!

My opinion did not change because of a friend or family member. It did not change because some person of influence said women could be in ministry. It changed because of the Spirit of God and His powerful Word.

I began an investigative quest to get to the root of the issues regarding women in ministry. Was this feminism in disguise? I can tell you that no, it isn’t even connected!

Then, after years of research through piles and piles of books (it was a little obsessive, truly), I realized one day that I could not keep my findings to myself. I had to let others know!

Therefore, I went to the equally exhaustive labor of building a book. We also made a video series which includes more detailed insights which will help a person’s understanding.

As a pastor, I wanted to be able to give the right answer to women who expressed an interest in ministry. Could they only serve the children? Could they only sing but not preach? Could they only speak but not lead? I had to know.

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