Greg Laurie, Calvary Chapel’s Big Crusader, Joins Southern Baptist Convention

Following another year of declining membership and baptism, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) just gained one of the biggest evangelists and megachurch pastors in the country: Greg Laurie.

The day after Laurie’s annual Harvest America crusade, he announced that his church would be joining the SBC, which was also holding its annual convention in Phoenix.

Laurie is among the best-known leaders of the Calvary Chapel movement, and the one-time heir apparent to its late founder Chuck Smith. Though his 15,000-member Harvest Christian Fellowship in California will remain affiliated with the 1,000-plus church network even after moving into the SBC, the move makes Laurie’s shift toward mainstream evangelicalism official.

Smith, a “Jesus People” leader who mentored Laurie from his first years in the faith, emphasized Calvary Chapel’s distinctives from broader evangelicalism; and pastors, in turn, favored the network’s own teachers, authors, and worship leaders.

Over the years, Laurie’s ministry has outgrown Calvary Chapel enough that his Harvest crusades, which fill stadiums and drawn in tens of thousands online, have earned him a comparison to America’s most famous Southern Baptist: Billy Graham. He has also partnered with fellow Southern Baptists among President Donald Trump’s faith advisers.

“I’ve invested my life in the Calvary fellowship of churches while working with countless Christians from nearly every other denomination. I’ll continue to do just that, and I also look forward to continuing to build bridges between our communities,” the 64-year-old Laurie said in a statement. “I appreciate the SBC’s focus on evangelism, and I look forward to partnering with them and all believers who have a passion for evangelism. The need in our country and the world is so great.”

While congregations in the SBC remain independent—with local pastors free to govern their church’s affiliations and approaches to ministry—the dual affiliation of Southern Baptist and Calvary Chapel is pretty unusual, and Laurie’s congregation is the most high-profile example that belongs to both. One’s a traditional, historic, Bible-belt stronghold; the other, a laid-back SoCal movement started by hippies in surf shirts.

His announcement assured his congregation that joining the SBC “does not change our theology, philosophy of ministry, or our history.”

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