Kathy Griffin’s Plea and Why It’s Un-American

 *These Statements Are Not Necessarily Those of JNN’s*

Above is Kathy Griffin’s assessment of her situation. She stated:

“A sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the First Lady are personally, I feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever. Forever. You guys know him – he’s never going to stop.”

No, Ms. Griffin, you did this to yourself. There are not “a bunch of old, white guys trying to silence” you.

She actually believes she’s a victim.

What in the world? The 1st Amendment doesn’t cover anyone on this. End of story. She portrayed what barbaric savages like ISIS do. We’re a republic. We have peaceful transitions of power. We are civilized. We never give up. We’ve fought against what Kathy Griffin portrayed ever since the founding of our nation. We fight for equality for all. We showed the world that every man can be a gentleman without fortune or titles. We rebelled against the greatest military of that time, and we won. We are Americans, and we fight against barbarism. We do not peddle it. This is not revolutionary France. We don’t kill the king because we don’t like them. We vote someone in who is, hopefully, a better suited individual. No one is silencing you. Everyone is distancing themselves from you because you played a game and you’re getting the prize.

“You don’t know the first thing about what it means to be an American. We’re misfits, outcasts, and we’re proud of it. If they attack in formation, we pop ’em off from the trees, if they challenge you to a duel, you raid their camp at night and if they’re gonna hang you, you fight dirty and you never, ever, give up. That’s the American way.” – Mick Rory, DC LOT

Kathy Griffin is unAmerican. Not to mention, the First Family is a family. Of course they will come to the defense of their father. Of course FLOTUS Melania Trump will come to the defense of her husband. We are Americans. We’re supposed to fight and stand up for moral reasons, which seems to be in short supply in this generation. We should have respect for the POTUS whether we agree with them or not. They are someone’s husband, father, brother.

We accept the apology, whether fake or real, but we do not accept threatening anyone’s life. We do not accept trying to play victim after committing a treasonous photoshoot. We are Americans, and we may have a different way of going about the world, but we should always stand against what was portrayed by Kathy Griffin. That’s not free speech. That’s threatening and treasonous.

America, we are better than this. We were forged by some of the greatest men to ever live, and we’ve prospered at the will of God. We won against the odds, and actions like Griffin’s are detestable, disgusting, and uncivilized.