Letter to the Editor: Kim Davis should have stepped aside

A letter to the editor was submitted to the Kentucky Standard recently in regards to the controversy involving Kim Davis, a clerk of court seen as a hero by many Christians for being jailed because she refused to grant marriage licenses to homosexual couples in 2015.

The writer of the letter self identifies as Episcopalian and Christian and finds themself disagreeing with the stance made and thinking maybe a better course of action could have been made. Here are some excerpts from his letter:

Kim Davis is certainly entitled to her beliefs and opinions. However, as an elected official, she is not entitled to allow those beliefs to contradict the law as interpreted by the Supreme Court.

Even in the face of an apparently benign and conciliatory interview with her, for Patrick to say otherwise contradicts the constitutionally established separation of church and state.

Yes, a Christian is certainly entitled to hold public office, but is also constrained by the law of the land when conflicts occur between established legal precedent and personal beliefs. Patrick says, “It’s not about hate, it’s about faithfulness,” but unfortunately, faithfulness and legal responsibility do not always coincide. When they don’t, the official must decide which is more important. Davis refused to do this, thus unfortunately precipitating a legal firestorm funded by a firebrand conservative group.

My humble opinion is that she should have prayerfully stepped aside.

Read the Full letter at The Kentucky Standard.