Reading, Writing, and Ramadan?

In San Diego, kids can finally celebrate their faith in schools — as long as that faith is Islam. In a bizarre move, the California school board voted unanimously to start incorporating more Muslim-themed lessons into classrooms. Officials of the San Diego Unified School District claim the decision will help combat “Islamophobia,” which they argue is rampant on campuses across the city.

Together with the radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the district worked on a broad plan to promote Islam through training materials, the school calendar, curriculum, and even “safe spaces” for Muslim students. To tamp down criticism (unsuccessfully), the board insisted that it wasn’t “endorsing a particular religion.” That’s interesting, since I sincerely doubt the district would have quite so accommodating to Christians. Imagine the uproar if parents asked for “safe spaces” for kids bullied for their biblical beliefs!

Not surprisingly, the idea hasn’t exactly been a popular one with local families. In fact, some parents are so upset that they’re suing the district over the preferential treatment for Muslims. “Students of all faiths face daily bullying, but instead of protecting all religious students, the school district has selected Muslim students to receive special protection and resources,” said a spokesman for one of the two nonprofit organizations joining the suit. The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund are just as upset. “Plaintiffs do not wish for their children, as non-Muslims, to be accused of bias and bullying by the school district and CAIR if they express viewpoints or beliefs that may conflict with the School District’s and/or CAIR’s arbitrary, de facto interpretations of ‘bias’ and ‘bullying,'” they write.

In the meantime, it’s a jarring double standard for most Christians to swallow. Here is San Diego, infusing “Islamic heritage” into lessons, when Christianity — the religion America was actually founded upon — is quarantined like a deadly disease from U.S. schools. Liberals say there’s absolutely no tolerance for faith in the public square — but obviously, what they meant was that there’s no tolerance for Christianity. While the government’s kicking prayer out of school and crosses from public land, places like San Diego are endorsing a religion of extremism. American schools have become the mecca of diversity. But when it comes to tolerance, Christians need not apply.

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