Rock Star Turned Prophet: “Evangelist Seat is Rising”

What do a 73-year-old Indian theologian, an American high school student and a pilot in the French navy have in common?

Each one has signed on for Awakening Evangelism BASE Training, a unique program dedicated to equipping the saints with the tools they need to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Let me speak prophetically, I believe that what’s happening in our generation is this: for the last 40-50 years, God has been actively working to re-establish the foundation of the apostles and the prophets,” says AE founder and president Mattie Montgomery, former vocalist for hardcore band For Today. “As God has re-established the seats of the apostles and prophets, what has happened now is that He has laid a foundation for the evangelists to arise.

“Not evangelist meaning people who preach the gospel, that’s what a Christian is. An evangelist in the true sense is one who stands on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets and works actively to equip the saints for the work for the ministry,” Montgomery says. “The evangelist seat is rising.”

Tattooed sleeves decorate Montgomery’s arms, and another inked design peeks out from underneath his collar. His gauged ears are sewn shut. Montgomery looks nothing like famed evangelists Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke or Greg Laurie, but the anointing on his life is evident.

For more than a decade, Montgomery preached the gospel through his music. He avoided temptations that caused his peers to stumble. He humbled himself before the Lord, fasting and praying that God might be glorified. His living sacrifice manifested with countless salvations and supernatural encounters.

“I really believe the most substantial prophetic word I’ve ever heard maybe in my whole life came in 2016,” Montgomery says. “A lady in our church said, really in passing, it wasn’t the centerpiece of her message that day. She said, ‘It’s time for the church to break its covenant with death.’ She said, ‘We’ve made death our doorway into heaven; we’ve convinced ourselves that when we die, then pain will end. Or that when we die, then I will finally be able to behold glory.’ But Jesus is supposed to be our doorway to glory. It seems so obvious, right?”

He points to John 16 and Isaiah 6 as glorious realities, “But most of the church is blind to it.”

And that’s where evangelism comes in. It’s time for the saints to understand just how much power they possess.

He bid For Today farewell in January and focused on the AE training program. The online classes launch this fall, and video teachings will include spiritual heavy-hitters such as Todd White, John Bevere and Ben Fitzgerald. More than 144 students have registered with 600 other applicants awaiting a decision.

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