Tattoos and Piercings Open Demonic Portals

Tattoos. Piercings. So many people have them. Perhaps even you. But how many people are aware of the deeper spiritual ramifications of getting one?

Did you know that in every non-Western culture on the face of the planet, tattoos serve a spiritual purpose? I’ll take it a step further by saying: tattoos from ancient times to the present always had one purpose, and one purpose only:

They served as portals for the demonic world.

When you receive a tattoo, you’ve just opened up a demonic gateway on your body that now allows evil spirits to come and go as they please in your life. And if you have a piercing, or experienced any bleeding while getting your tat: you’ve entered into an actual BLOOD COVENANT with unclean spirits!

Any tattoo you receive, no matter how innocent or benign you might think it is, speaks across dimensions into the realm where demons, spirits and other ungodly beings dwell.

This is why the Bible forbids the people of God from getting tatted!

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