Yahoo News Promotes “Pregnant Man”

In an event that the world has been pushing to make not only a reality, but normal  for literally decades now, a man and his transgender partner have announced that they are pregnant. The secular press is pushing this as the heartwarming story of a man who is pregnant, but we know the truth:

This is simply the story of a very confused woman and her husband who is clearly just as confused. They are now pregnant just as any other couple would be. The only difference is that they pretend that she is a he.

To claim this is anything more than that is just wrong. It is anti-God and a violation of His Creation. To claim this is a pregnant man is an abomination, men do not get pregnant, they do not give birth.

Read more about this story and the appalling way the world spins this into a wonderful family story instead of what it is.

Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow exploded onto the parenting scene a couple years ago after the couple fought to adopt Chaplow’s niece and nephew, who were living in a traumatic home. Their journey through court hearings and custody battles was chronicled on the popular parenting podcast The Longest Shortest Time, and Reese and Chaplow were dubbed the “accidental gay parents.”

Now, after gaining custody of their son and daughter, Reese and Chaplow are planning to add a third child to their family. Reese, who is a transgender man, is pregnant. In a new episode of the podcast, he and Chaplow talk about their decision to have a baby, going through a miscarriage, finding out Reese was pregnant, telling their families, and how other people react to seeing a pregnant man.

This is their story.

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